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Why you should maintain your septic system

A failing septic system isn't like your car when it is low on oil. NO RED LIGHT will go on to warn you. The U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Public Health Service states: "A septic tank system will serve a home satisfactorily only if it is properly designed, installed, and adequately maintained. Even a good system which does not have proper care and attention may become a nuisance and a burdensome expense. Remember, a septic tank-soil absorption system which does not function properly frequently becomes a neighborhood health hazard. To obtain satisfactory service, the homeowner must know something about the design, operation and maintenance of his own septic tank system."

If your tank isn't cleaned regularly, sludge and scum will clog the drain field and cause the whole system to fail. It is important to remove this solid material before it reaches the level of the discharge outlet and flows into the drain field. There is a certain amount of material that is not biodegradable and must be removed by pumping. If your system should stop or overflow, there could be offensive odors as well as dangerous health hazards.

How often you need pumping is determined by the size of your family, the size of your septic system, whether or not you use a garbage disposal or water softener, and the care your system has had in the past.

After pumping out your tank, we suggest adding a packet of Lenzyme monthly. The 5 enzyme/bacteria waste digestant will help to keep the enzyme and bacteria level high in your system. Your daily use of home care products, even medications, destroy enzymes and bacteria, therefore, they must be replaced.



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